I want to make my life (and yours) easier this winter. Drive smarter, not harder! Let's start off the new year by knowing whether it’s legal (or not) for you to drive with snow or ice on your windshield if you are a resident of Washington state and Oregon.

If you get to your car and see your windshield covered in snow or ice (or both), it's best to clear it all off. If I could give you one of the 
driving tipsdon’t hit your brakes too hard if you start sliding

Sometimes, car doors will freeze up, even if you have an electric vehicle!


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There are no specific laws in Oregon and Washington that say you can’t drive with snow on your car (like it is in most states on the East Coast). There have been recent cases, however, of drivers getting tickets for negligent driving and huge chunky fines for having obstructed windshields with snow and ice.

That being said, it’s still dangerous to do so. I mean, hello! If you don’t clear off the snow (and ice) off your windshield, you are putting yourself and other drivers in serious danger.

I’m more afraid of other vehicles on the road in the snow than I am of my own driving skills. See, I’m the kind of driver who gives cars in front of me LOTS of space. I certainly don't want extra fees added on to my car insurance because of being "at fault."

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