Over 3 years after the pandemic began, the Washington State Department of Health has finally retired its COVID dashboard website.

You may remember it from 2020-2021

In its early stages, the dashboards featured dials, which resembled old-school stove indicators. Then it shifted to graphs and other charts. Now, the DOH has finally retired the stand-alone COVID dashboard website. The old site will go dormant by midnight, on Monday, September 18th.

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It's now being replaced by a newer Respiratory Illness Data Dashboard.  The new site will combine data from various types of respiratory illnesses including RSV, according to the DOH:

"One major change in the new dashboard is the inclusion of data from previous years, providing the public with clearer comparisons between current disease activity and that of years past. The Respiratory Illness Data Dashboard will be updated weekly through April 2024. Subsequent update frequency depends on the degree of ongoing activity for COVID-19. "

The website also tracks the number of reported COVID vaccinations, it appears those numbers have fallen off sharply since 2022.

To see the new dashboard site, click here.

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