Franklin County Jail Inmate Rigoberto Lopez-Magallon is back in custody after being wanted for escape.

Photo: Franklin County Sheriff
Photo: Franklin County Sheriff

Lopez-Magallon was detained in the Franklin County Jail while he awaited trial for an Assault 1 charge from earlier this summer. Due to the direction of a Superior Court Judge, Lopez-Magallon was allowed to go on a 48-hour Furlough that began on September 19 but did not return to the Franklin County Jail after the 48-hour furlough period. Authorities also believed that Lopez-Magallon removed a GPS device attached before being let out on Furlough.

With help from tips provided by concerned citizens, authorities captured Lopez-Magallon on Friday, September 22, and now has an escape charge in addition to his previous Assault 1 charge. According to law enforcement authorities, the inmate is accused of several incidents involving stabbings and allegedly being involved in several fights while incarcerated inside the Franklin County Jail.

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