Two Northshore School District  elementary school principals are on leave during an investigation into alleged cocaine use.

Husband and wife educators are on leave reports Michael and Meghan Griffin were placed on administrative leave on May 9th and 30th, respectively.

The investigation began following an incident on April 30th when Redmond Police were called to the parking lot of a QFC store, where Michael Griffin was behaving strangely. During the interaction with police, officers concluded the man was high on cocaine, and had a loaded gun on his person in view of police.

Michael Griffin is the principal at Sunrise Elementary, while his wife heads up Moorlands Elementary.

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According to, during the April 30th altercation:

"Police documents say Mr. Griffin was “in a paranoid state likely under the influence of cocaine”. A responding corporal said Griffin had “dilated pupils”, and “visible white powder on his lips”, and was making “delusional statements.”

Meghan Griffin was placed on leave on May 30th after administrators were made aware of statements she made in a handwritten note she gave to police. It read in part:

 “Our recreational drug use began about a year ago while on vacation. It increased recently.” She went on to detail her husband’s worsening paranoia."

The school district declined to offer more specific details because of confidentiality laws but said they will continue to investigate this issue and take what they called appropriate action.

The Northshore District serves Bothell, Woodinville, Kenmore, and other areas of King and Snohomish County.


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