My wife and I are headed out this Memorial Day weekend to Lake Chelan for some camping and the one thing that drives us crazy is mosquitos - yep, it's that time of year friends in Washington State.

Those little pets will chomp up on you all day and all night long if you let them so I thought I'd share some quick tips on how you can avoid the little buggers this spring and summer.

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These Colors Will Attract Mosquitoes, So Avoid Wearing These Colors

Dark Colors (Black, Navy Blue, Dark Green)

Dark colors are known to attract mosquitoes because they stand out against lighter, natural backgrounds. These colors also absorb and retain more heat, making you an even more enticing target.



Red is another color that attracts mosquitoes. The reason? It mimics the color of human skin in the eyes of a mosquito. Wearing red makes you appear as a more prominent visual target.


Similar to red, orange hues are also visually appealing to mosquitoes. These warm colors can make you stand out against the natural scenery, drawing more mosquitoes your way.


These Colors Will Repel Mosquitoes, So Avoid Wearing These Colors

If you want to stay under the mosquito radar, consider wearing these colors according to


White reflects heat and doesn't stand out against the natural landscape, making it less likely to attract mosquitoes.

Light Colors (Pastels, Light Yellow, Pale Blue)

Light colors blend in more with the surroundings and reflect heat, making you less noticeable to mosquitoes.

Khaki and Beige

These earth tones mimic the natural environment and are less likely to attract mosquitoes.

So as you head out this Memorial Day weekend, make sure you are wearing the right colors to avoid those pesky mosquitoes. My wife and I will also be spritzing on the repellent spray this weekend.

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