Play Ball! A look at some local Tri-Cities Baseball History

It is Baseball Season, and the Hanford Site had a Historic Role in America's Pastime.

This week saw Opening Day for Major League Baseball, and the Seattle Mariners opened with a game against the Boston Red Sox. To commemorate the special day in the sports world, the Hanford Site wanted to join in with some baseball history of their own.

Baseball During the Top-Secret Manhattan Project

The Hanford site says that during the days of the top-secret Manhattan Project workers often  passed the time by playing the game of Baseball, also known as "America’s favorite pastime."  According to historians, the Hanford baseball field was located near the Hanford construction camp, where many workers lived as the site was being built.

Photo: Hanford Site

Traces of the Old Hanford Site Baseball Field can Still be Seen Today

The site says that even today, 80 years later, remnants of the diamond can still be seen from aerial images (second image).

Major League Baseball Players who served in the military

MLB has seen many players who also served in the military, here are a few.

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