(West Richland, WA) -- The City of West Richland says it will replace a traffic circle at the intersection of Keene and Bombing Range Roads, with a traffic signal. The roundabout was installed at that intersection about 20-years ago and the West Richland Public Works Department says it's now operating at a failing level of service. The city says the intersection serves as a major access point for the Badger South Sub-Area and access to the I-182 Freeway.

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After considering a number of proposals over the past few years, the city of West Richland expects growth trends require the intersection be converted into a multi-lane intersection complete with an up-to-date traffic signal. In essence, the traffic circle has reached the end of it's useful life. Crews are expected to start work on the project in April, with completion expected by the fall.

It was back in 2020 that the project was given preliminary engineering and right of way funds. The project was recently awarded federal construction funds for 2024.

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