The Tri-City Dust Devils have decided to stress my wife out yet again with another fantastic hat.

I'm gonna have to cop this cap, no cap.

The Tri-City Dust Devils are just as excited as the rest of the Tri-Cities for the return of the Tri-City Water Follies, lovingly referred to as "boat races" by the locals.

Thursday, the team announced they would be unveiling their new part-time identity, the Columbia River Rooster Tails, named after the massive plume of water that trails the mighty hydroplane.

Tri-City Dust Devils, Pete Christensen
Tri-City Dust Devils, Pete Christensen

The Rooster Tails will join the Vineros as the Dust Devils' alternate identities for special nights. As a fan of ball caps, the new Rooster Tails lid is a must-buy. The powdered blue accents and bill offset the red nicely and the logo of a rooster piloting a hydroplane with a massive rooster tail is just perfect. These caps get an A+ from me.

Pete Christensen, Tri-City Dust Devils
Pete Christensen, Tri-City Dust Devils

The new Rooster Tails jersey features a brand new font and nice colors, but the crown jewel is the rooster tail that follows underneath the wordmark and extends all the way around the back.

When do the Tri-City Dust Devils play as the Columbia River Rooster Tails?

The Tri-City Dust Devils will debut their new Rooster Tails persona on June 3 and continue wearing them for their homestand that ends after June 5. The Rooster Tails will return for boat race weekend, July 29-31. The first 500 fans at Gesa Stadium for the July 29 game will receive a promotional Rooster Tails beach bag.

Can Dust Devils fans buy the new merch online?

The new Rooster Tails merchandise has already hit the online team store. Fans who have moved away from Tri-Cities or can't make it to the ballpark this season can have their orders shipped.

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