A 76-year-old Bridgeport woman faces charges after deputies say she drove into a stopped patrol car on State Route 173, narrowly missing officers, and continued to drive with heavy damage. 

The Woman reportedly drove four more miles without a tire on rims that emitted sparks on the roadway before she was pulled over. 

Douglas County Undersheriff Tyler Caille says the patrol car that was hit was in the middle of a traffic stop on the Bridgeport Bar between Brewster and Bridgeport. 

"They were stopped, contacting the driver of the vehicle they had conducted the traffic stop on," said Caille. "That's when this other vehicle approached the scene and drifted over the fog line and struck their patrol car." 

Once she was stopped further down the road, Hendrika Isensee was arrested for suspicion of DUI and Hit and Run. 

She was detained without further incident. 

Brewster Police assisted Douglas County deputies on the stop. Washington State Patrol arrested Isensee and took her to the Okanogan County Jail. 

Caille said the deputies who were almost hit by the woman’s vehicle were shocked, but not hurt. 

“Shocked,” Caille said. “Fortunately for our deputies that were there on the scene, they were uninjured. They were alert to what was going on around them, observed the vehicle. And they were able to get out of the way, because that’s the number one priority, is the safety of deputies and officers on traffic stops.” 

Caille said it's not known how fast Isensee was driving before she was successfully pulled over, but likely was slowed down after the loss of a tire.

The incident took place at roughly 7:30 Monday night.

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