4th DISTRICT, Wash.- Congressman Dan Newhouse was one of only nine republicans to vote in favor of the American Dream and Promise Act, which would grant legal status to immigrants brought to the U.S. s as children.

Newhouse says, "Those young people that were brought to this country, through no fault of their own, as young children, have an uncertainty in their lives. They truly really are in a state of limbo. Talk about a man with no country, these young people truly are in that same situation. This provides them that certainly that they need in their lives."

After meeting with hundreds of undocumented individuals from central Washington, Newhouse says they are a vital part of the community.

"They're starting businesses and joining our armed services, they're truly strong parts of our community. This is an effort to give them certainty in their lives, and give them something they deserve as contributing members of our community."

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