My love for monster trucks started when I was pretty young. I remember one Christmas I got a remote-control Grave Digger truck, and I played with that thing for years. When I was older, my Dad and I would go see the monster truck show when it came through Denver, usually at the Pepsi Center (I think it's the Ball Arena now). My pops and I loved it so much that we even watched Monster Trucks on TV and kept up with the standings (can you believe that). Looking back on it, we were kinda nuts about them. One truck that my pops and I had always wanted to see together, though, was the truck that started it all. 

The Monster Truck Insanity Tour in Kennewick 

The 10th anniversary of the Monster Truck Insanity Tour is making a stop in Kennewick at the fairgrounds. This weekend, April 20 – 21, you could ride on a monster truck and see amazing trucks and crews up close like BOSS, WAR EAGLE, or the DEVASTATOR. Even better than that, something I've waited my whole life to see, BIGFOOT! 

The Legacy of BIGFOOT 

BIGFOOT is the most iconic and legendary monster truck in history. It was created by Bob Chandler, an off-road enthusiast. BIGFOOT is the first monster truck to crush cars as part of a demonstration. The original BIGFOOT, built in 1975, was based on a modified Ford F-250 pickup truck chassis. It featured enormous 66-inch tires, custom-made for the vehicle. The truck stood around 15 feet tall and weighed several tons. 

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BIGFOOT's Impact on the Sport 

BIGFOOT was the pioneer in the development of the monster truck industry and played a significant role in popularizing the sport. Over the years, BIGFOOT has undergone numerous modifications and iterations, with various versions of the truck being built for different purposes, including racing, stunt performances, and promotional events. 

I am so ecstatic that the Tour is coming through town, and we get to see the legend that started it all, big bad blue himself, BIGFOOT. 

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