As a man, I have no idea of what a woman's daily fears are, and recently on Facebook, I saw a long list of what women should do to keep themselves safe.

rik mikals
rik mikals

It's actually scary to realize the danger of abduction and harassment of women is still at an all-time high. A woman has to be more cognitive of her surroundings than a man and it's sad.

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Our sister station in New Jersey posted a warning about seeing a napkin stuffed in a car door could mean danger and here's the reason why:

In a video posted by a Texas woman Erin Mimms, she believes she was poisoned by a napkin that was stuffed in her car door handle. Doctors did confirm she was poisoned but couldn't trace the poison back to its source.

rik mikals
rik mikals

Mimms said she was leaving a Houston area restaurant when she discovered the napkin stuffed in her car door.

Mimms says that minutes after removing the napkin, her arm went numb and she started feeling sick.

Mimms's husband rushed her to the hospital where she was treated for acute poisoning from an unknown substance.

The doctors couldn't confirm the source of the poison. The Houston Police Department took the assault report and the local Drug Administration said that this was the first confirmed case of its kind.

Mimms doesn't know the reasoning behind the poisoning but suspects it might've been a kidnapping attempt.

Mimms's video has gone viral as she's been warning other women about the possibility of this type of attack which could happen anywhere and anytime and in any state.

It's sad we live in a world like this but hopefully, Erin Mimms's video helps educate others on the dangers of not being vigilant of your surroundings.

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