(Boardman, OR) -- Smoke and dust set to fly in Boardman, Morrow County as Portland General Electric says they will implode the 656-foot tall stack and boiler at the utility's decommissioned coal plant there. That's set to take place September 15th. In a statement, PGE says contractors, headed by engineers and explosive specialists will cause the stack and boiler to execute a controlled fall. Explosives placed at the base of the stack and around the supporting structure of the boiler will be triggered within seconds of each other, causing the stack and boiler to come down quickly; the demolition is expected to take less than a minute.

The Plant Has Been in Operation for Decades

PGE says the power plant came on line in 1980 and was in operation until 2020. The utility says they are now focusing on renewables. and clean energy forms of power generation.

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