The Yakima City Council isn't interested in having a company film the Yakima Police Department.
The Yakima City Council Tuesday reviewed a letter of agreement between the city and Catagory 6 Media. The proposal was rejected by the council saying they don't want the city featured on national broadcast.

City officials feel the show could have painted the area in a bad light

The company was attempting to gain access to the department for filming in the spring and summer. According to the city "the Series would have featured current investigations and ride-alongs by Production with the Department, as well as focusing on
earlier history regarding the Department and their cases."
City officials say the show could have impacted tourism in the area so the voted against the proposal.

Yakima won't be featured but the show COPS is coming back

If you're looking for a similar program the popular show COPS is coming back after it was cancelled in 2020 following nationwide protests against police officers after the death of George Floyd. The show was headed to it's 33rd season airing more htan 1,100 shows. The program premiered in 1989 running for 25 seasons on Fox. While we won't see Yakima Officers the show "Cops" is set to return to TV on FOX News Media for the streaming service Fox Nation. Cops will return on September 30. You'll be able to enjoy new "COPS" shows every Friday.

Special offer for those who work in the industry

A special offer for those who work in emergency response. Fox nation will be offering free one-year subscriptions to all first responders, including police officers, firefighters, emergency medical technicians and paramedics.

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