A 5-year-old boy has now been missing 12 weeks and still no answers from Yakima Police as they say the search continues. Lucian Mungia has been missing since September 10 from Yakima's Sarge Hubbard Park where police say he was last seen by his father.
Officers say they follow up on leads when they have them but so far there's been no major leads in the case and nothing from the Yakima Police Department.

The YPD continues a silent approach to the investigation sharing nothing

The department refuses to release any information about the ongoing investigation and no information released on whether the boys' parents have been questioned and their cell phones searched for clues.There is no evidence the boy was ever at the park on September 10 other than claims from his parents. At least that's what we know. If there is evidence he was there police aren't talking about it.

Police say they've found no foul play in the case but won't release information

The department continues to claim there's no foul play and nothing in the investigation that calls into question the parents or anyone else however the department won't release any information to confirm the claims.
KIT News along with other individuals and media organizations have been denied any requests for information through a Freedom of Information report to the city.

No explanation about a video that never existed

Yakima Police Chief Matthew Murray has no explanation as to why he said for weeks there was a video of the boy at the park but then weeks later said no video ever existed.
Yakima City Council members have had no response to the video claim by the chief or the lack of information about the case from police.

The boy has simply vanished in the community

Many are wondering why the community is will to accept that a five year old boy has simply vanished in Yakima with no clues as to where he can be found.
The parents claimed the boy was lost while playing at the park in September however so far police have given no evidence that the boy was ever at the park on the day he was reported missing.
KIT News continues to push for answers in the case.

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