With another growing season approaching, the Washington state Department of Agriculture is preparing to fight the Japanese Beetle.  The invasive pest was first reported in the Grandview area in 2020, when three beetles were discovered.  Since then, the population has grown substantially, with 23,000 beetles trapped in 2022 over a large swath of south-central Washington.  In response, the WSDA is sending out letters, as well as going door-to-door, asking that property owners to sign off on a free pesticide treatment.  The Department stressed they cannot apply pesticides without the property owner's consent. 


According to the WSDA, Japanese beetles are highly invasive pests of more than 300 plants, including roses, grapes, and hops.  The adult beetles damage plants by skeletonizing the foliage; they also feed on buds, flowers, and fruit on the plants.


Click Here to learn more about the beetle, as well as efforts underway at the WSDA to fight the pest.


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