The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife trapped and killed a wolf from the Horseshoe Pack on Friday.  The wolf, an uncollared, non-breeding adult male, was found where previous depredations occurred.


ODFW said despite non-lethal measures in place including camping with their cattle and hazing, this landowner had experienced repeated livestock depredations by the Horseshoe Pack and requested a lethal removal permit earlier this fall.  The lethal action was first authorized on September 8th, after two depredations on cattle within three weeks.  That permit was extended until October 28th after the producer lost another calf to the wolves, and since that time an additional two depredations have been confirmed despite the landowner’s continued use of non-lethal measures.  The producer’s permit allows them or their USDA agent to take an additional wolf from this pack and is valid until October 28th.


Based on recent trail camera photos, there are still a minimum of six wolves in the pack, including at least one pup.


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