(Kennewick, WA) -- Fire crews from Kennewick and several other agencies were called out to a fire at a residential fourplex apartment building located at 4200 West Albany Ave at 3:39am Sunday. That's right near West Kennewick Ave where it meets Union Street. Crews arrived at the scene within about 6 minutes of being sent out, and found a fire with wind-fueled flames threatening not only the building involved, but another nearby apartment complex. Fire crews say first they attacked the blaze so it wouldn't spread, then moved to dealing with the original building on fire. Kennewick Police were able to arrive first and got everyone who lived in the fourplex out. The Red Cross and the KFD Fire Chaplin are working on finding temporary housing for those affected. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

Photo Courtesy Kennewick Fire Department

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