(Kennewick, WA) -- The Kennewick Fire Department says they are calling this a "teachable moment." This after a 12-year-old boy who apparently got a hold of a lighter and some papers and began experimenting with fire, which led to a blaze that heavily damaged a garage. This happened Sunday afternoon around 12:45pm off 40 North Kent Street, which is south of West Canal Drive. Authorities say the boy, who was on a neighboring property, lost control of the fire when it was picked up by high winds and onto dry grass, traveling to a nearby woodpile and onto the garage in question. Crews arrived shortly after being called and were able to get the fire within 5 minutes of being on scene, no one was hurt.


Kennewick Fire Department says they sent their battalion chief and deputy fire Marshall over to the 12-year-old to explain the importance of not experimenting with fire. They are calling the fire unintentionally set.


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