The true believers in Washington state know the aliens are among us and have visited those who don't believe may want to check out this list as it'll show you the four most likely cities where you can spot a UFO and the stories behind them.

Before we dive into this list we're not saying aliens exist, but if they do they may have been spotted in these cities. Washington State is the capital of the world for the most ufo sightings ever. Now UFO doesn't necessarily mean alien space ship it means Unidentified Flying Objects but based on how ships move or fly many believe they are of alien origins. so let's dive into this list and see the top cities you could see a UFO.

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4.) Kennewick

One of the most recent sightings was by a man named Travis Hissong, he was leaving for work one morning in 2022, when out of the corner of his eye he spotted what seemed to be a falling star, after focusing on it he realized it wasn't that at all. He claims it looked to be like some kind of ship moving fluidly through the air, unlike anything he'd seen before. He pulled out his phone and was able to capture a small video of the object and shared it online in hopes of others sharing their experiences. Multiple people reached out online and claimed they had seen these types of occurrences multiple times in the Tri-City area.

3.) Seattle

You wouldn't think that aliens would visit a large city, most spotting is usually in the countryside or rural areas, little did they know they were spotted in highly populated areas as well. Seattle has had a large number of UFO sightings called in, now Seattle has heavy plane traffic so a good amount of the time they're written off, but people claim they were too low and moved so unordinary that it could only be a spaceship not of this world. So next time you're in Seattle, look up and see if you notice anything unusual.

2.) Spokane

These days everyone has a smartphone, or at least a phone with a camera, so no surprise to us a lot of videos have shown up on the internet claiming to have captured UFOs. However, a good amount of these videos have come out of Spokane and the outer Spokane area near the countryside. People from all over the area have shared their stories and some have even claimed to have gotten up close to the ufo itself.

1.) Yakima

It's true, the most spotted UFOs come from the Yakima Valley, as many have claimed to see them not only in the City but out in the rural areas leading into Yakima. Whether you're coming from Ellensburg or you're driving from somewhere else, the outskirts of Yakima is largely open land, some areas are even military training bases. The most spotting has been in the Yakima Valley which leads us to ask, who is sporting them and where, maybe taking a trip to the Valley or around it can help shed some light, or maybe you can be the next viral sensation once you capture it on video.


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