A group of Hanford Student Filmmakers takes home a top award at the Tri-Cities  International Film Festival.

A group of Hanford High School (Richland, Washington)  students took home a first-place award at the 15 annual Tri-Cities International Film Festival (TRIFI) this fall.

Student Media Production Club members at Hanford High received the award for their entry in the 72-hour film challenge. The award-winning film "Treasures of Yesterday" focuses on a student's memories of his girlfriend and is described as a genuine "tear-jerker."

The 72-Hour Film Challenge at the  Tri-Cities  International Film Festival

In the 72-hour film challenge, filmmaking teams have just one weekend to make a short film, and writing, shooting, and editing must be completed within a 72-hour window. The festival identifies the theme, a prop color, a gesture, and a line that must be included in all films in the 72-hour challenge category.

The TRIFI 72-hour Film Challenge requirements for 2023:

Theme: Buried Treasure
Color: Red
Line: “Is that part of the plan?”
Gesture: Pinky Swear (aka crossed pinky fingers)

 Watch "Treasures of Yesterday"  by the Student Media Production Club

View all the entries in the 72-Hour Film Challenge.

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