(Walla Walla, WA) -- The Walla Walla Police Department were called to a shots fired situation at a home close to Willow and Sprague near both Garrison Middle School and Lincoln High School Friday Morning just before 8. Authorities say a 41-year-old man flagged officers down and told them two 18-year-old males entered his home, armed with a firearm. Both demanded items of value.

Instead, the victim was able to arm himself with some household items and drove both the intruders out of the house. Once on the front yard, one of the victims opened fire on the homeowner but missed. Both suspects fled the scene. Both Garrison and Lincoln were put on lockdown while the incident was in progress. The suspect's car was then discovered at the Walla Walla High School parking lot. As police approached, 18-year-old Ivan Gonzalez, who is not a student at the school, left the car and fled on foot, he was caught a short distance away.

His accomplice, 18-year-old Antonio Corona was taking part in normal school activities when he was taken into custody.  Both Gonzalez and Corona were arrested on charges of Assault in the 1st Degree and Attempted Robbery. A juvenile female, also a Walla Walla High student, was taken into custody as well as an accomplice. At this time, there is no indication that any of the three intended to do harm to the school. Police add the 41-year-old victim did know the two suspects who tried to rob him. No one was hurt.

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