The search for a missing Washington State woman has come to tragic conclusion.  54-year-old Reyna Hernandez of Renton was last seen and heard from Monday, February 26th.  She began the day running errands.  Concern grew when she never arrived to open her hair salon in the Renton Highlands.

After family and friends tried reaching Reyna for days on her cell phone without an answer, they went to police.  Renton PD created a missing person's report and began searching.

Investigators believed, after a conversation with one of Hernandez's friends last week, that she may have been taken against her will and was no longer in the area. There wasn't a break in the case until Friday March 8th, when Renton police received a tip regarding a body found off the Tijuana Highway in Mexicali, Mexico.

The body was discovered in a Mexican graveyard.  Renton police contacted Mexican was confirmed to be the body of the missing South Renton resident.  Mexican authorities also revealed they found Hernandez's vehicle and took a 61-year-old Renton resident into custody on unrelated charges.

Renton PD Facebook
Renton PD Facebook

Further conversation between the agencies revealed the horrific manner in which Reyna Hernandez died.  Fox 13 in Seattle reported that signs of torture were present.  Hernandez was found wrapped in a blanket with her hands and feet bound.  There was a single gunshot wound to her head.

Renton PD stated they are classifying this as a domestic violence incident.  Officials are working to determine when and where Hernandez died.  If it was in Washington State, Renton PD will push for extradition so the suspect can be tried on U.S. soil.

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