The potato is one step closer to becoming the state vegetable of Oregon.  State Senator Bill Hansell posed this question before this week's vote.


"Should the potato the Oregon vegetable be, or not to be, that is the question before us."


Hansell said it should be, for many reasons.  He noted the potato is the most widely cultivated crop in Oregon, with 44,000 acres of potatoes across the state, resulting in 2.5 million pounds of spuds each year adding $216 million to the state's economy.  Plus, Hansell noted, potato farmers are generous.


"Oregon potato farmers have donated over one-million pounds of potatoes annually to the Oregon Food Bank.  Their generosity helps to feed Oregonians in need."


Oregon is the fourth leading state for potato production, behind Idaho, Washington, and Wisconsin.  The bill is now being considered in the House.


And fun fact, Oregon can lay claim to the tater tot, which was created in Ontario by the two brothers who founded the Ore-Ida potato company.


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