Everyone is downsizing these days, so it's not uncommon to learn of store closings.

Mom and pop shops, restaurants, even huge retailers, like Bed Bath and Beyond, Foot Locker, CVS, and others are closing locations to save a buck. Recently, UPS announced it was cutting 12,000 jobs worldwide.

Macy's Announces Corporate Layoffs And The Closing Of 5 Stores
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The Covid-19 Pandemic is still claiming victims, and the latest is a popular retail store chain. Macy's is making recent headlines by announcing the closure of more stores. The locations are listed below.

San Leandro, California
Simi Valley, California
Lihue, Hawaii
Tallahassee, Florida
Arlington, Virginia

Macy's Announces Corporate Layoffs And The Closing Of 5 Stores
Getty Images

Macy's started closing locations over the last couple of years attempting to recover from their losses. They began by closing under-performing locations. The closures are part of a plan to streamline Macy's to fall in line with changing trends and a more challenging retail culture. The retail chain is cutting its workforce by 3.5%, about 2,350 jobs.  The company will be implementing more automation services. Due to Macy's falling stock price, the company has closed nearly 300 stores, about one third of its stores.

There are 22 Macy's stores in Washington State. There's a mall location on Columbia Center Boulevard and a Macy's Furniture Gallery on Tapteal Drive in Richland. For now, it appears all of the Macy's in Washington remain safe from closing. Although, it makes one wonder for how long?

I'd like to remain optimistic. Afterall, Macy's is synonymous with Thanksgiving. It's tradition to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. This year's parade is November 28th.

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