Pasco Police did not say if anyone in the vehicle was firing shots, or if they were done in drive-by fashion, but high-risk traffic stop was utilized.

  Police respond to a weapons complaint in west Pasco

Police did not give the time of the disturbance, but responded on Saturday to the area of Court Street and Road 36 about a weapons complaint, presumably gunfire.

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After arriving at the area, officers located the suspect vehicle and surrounded it.  A high-risk traffic stop was utilized, where each occupant of the vehicle was told to exit one at a time slowly. Each person is secured before the next one is removed.

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Pasco PD said the occupants were put in separate cars while the preliminary investigation was done. Officers did not say how many occupants were in the vehicle but said it is detailed and requires much more follow-up and information.

No word if any buildings or vehicles were hit by the gunfire.

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