Pushback against pot support in downtown Pasco ---Getty Images
Pushback against pot support in downtown Pasco ---Getty Images

Following a presentation at the Pasco City Council meeting on July 18th, and workshop on July 25th, some Pasco business leaders are disputing alleged support for a pot shop downtown.

   Business association leader says their own list will go to council later in August

Leo Perales is the Vice President of the Latin Business Association (LBA), and a former candidate for political office.

Back in July, David Morgan, who owns Lucky Leaf pot shop in Spokane made a presentation to the City Council about how such a shop would benefit the area. Citizens Thomas Granbois and Carl Holder also presented materials to the council. They included a petition claiming 53 of 60 downtown businesses support a pot store. These materials were also filed with the city.

However, Perales said the petition is not what it seems to be. Perales stands by his information from the LBA that 95 percent of their members are against the idea.

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Perales told us at least between 12-15 of the petition signers were not business or property owners they were "employees" who happened to be working when the petitioners went around the area.  Perales indicated these workers might not necessarily reflect the views of the actual owners.

Perales told us the 'counter-petition'  and other information will be presented to the Pasco City Council at their August 15th meeting.


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