On Thursday, Representative Dan Newhouse and his House colleagues introduced the Prohibition of Agricultural Land for the People’s Republic of China Act.  Supporter say the legislation would prohibit the purchase of public or private agricultural land in the United States by foreign nationals associated with the Government of the People’s Republic of China.


"The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is a threat to American democracy," said Newhouse, the Chair of the Western Caucus said.  "The United States is engaged in a great power struggle with the CCP, and we must respond with tough policies that will protect our farmland and food supply chain.  We should be taking every action we can to strengthen our domestic production while preventing our nation's strongest adversaries from having an advantage over our supply chain.  I am proud to introduce this legislation alongside many of my House colleagues to keep the CCP from gaining a foothold from within our own borders."


“The CCP’s agenda to dramatically increase its ownership of American agricultural land is an immediate concern and one we will deal with directly on the Select Committee on China,” said South Dakota Representative Dusty Johnson. “We cannot allow our adversary to have control over our food supply and supply chain. This is a national security threat that cannot be ignored, and I am grateful for Rep. Newhouse’s leadership on this issue.” 

“We cannot allow the Chinese Communist Party to buy U.S. farms and jeopardize the food supply Michigan families rely on,” said Michigan's John Moolenaar. “This legislation protects our country and stands up to the CCP’s efforts to expand its influence over America.” 

“Agriculture is Eastern Washington’s number one industry. We simply cannot allow companies from China to lock down our resources and undermine our farmers and ranchers’ ability to feed the world,” said Michigan Representative Mike Rodgers. “Americans should not be forced to rely on China for the food they put on the table. Prohibiting the Chinese Communist Party from purchasing farmland in the United States is a no-brainer that will support domestic food production and decrease our dangerous dependence on foreign adversaries.” 

“Under no circumstances should our food supply be dependent upon the Chinese Communist Party,” noted Pennsylvania's Brian Fitzpatrick. “That is why I am proud to be an original co-sponsor of the Prohibition of Agricultural Land for the People’s Republic of China Act which will protect American agriculture, bolster our domestic food production, and prevent hostile regimes from having a hand in our supply chain.” 

"America is the land of the free — not the land owned by China," said Pennsylvania's Guy Reschenthaler. "The Chinese Communist Party’s malign efforts to purchase domestic farmland is a direct threat to the American homeland. As an original cosponsor of the Prohibition of Agricultural Land for the People’s Republic of China Act, I am proud to join Rep. Newhouse on this important effort to protect our nation's national security, food security, and economic security.” 

“China must be banned from buying our farmland because American farmland belongs to American farmers,” noted Iowa's Randy Feenstra. “I am proud to work with my colleague Rep. Dan Newhouse to prevent malign foreign interests from infiltrating rural America and threatening our national and food security.”  

“To allow China, governed by the Chinese Communist Party, to acquire farmland near and around key military and otherwise strategic areas of the United States, is as dumb as it gets,” said North Carolina's David Rouzer. “Not only are these purchases of key areas of farmland a threat to our national security, but it is a threat to our food security as well. This must end, and I am proud to co-sponsor legislation to do just that.” 

“Increased ownership of U.S. farmland by foreign adversaries like China is an alarmingly growing trend that poses a risk to our national and economic security,” said California Representitive David Valadao. “Farmers in the Central Valley produce a quarter of our nation’s food with less than one percent of our nation’s farmland. We cannot sit idly by while China strategically purchases the rich land in our own backyard, jeopardizing our nation’s food security and giving China control over our food supply. I’m glad to join my colleague and fellow farmer Rep. Newhouse to introduce the Prohibition of Agricultural Land for the People’s Republic of China Act, which will ensure American farms are kept out of the hands of our adversaries.” 

“The Chinese Communist Party works tirelessly to infiltrate our nation and spread their influence, including through efforts to undermine our food supply,” said Iowa's Mariannette Miller-Meeks. “We should take every action necessary to prevent the CCP from taking over American farmland. Doing so will boost the American agriculture industry and our economy—all while curbing Chinese influence.” 

“America is blessed with an abundance of agricultural land, and it is critical to our national security, food security, and economic security that we protect those lands from ownership by our adversaries,” said Arkansas Representative Bruce Westerman. “I’m proud to join Congressman Newhouse and many of my colleagues to cosponsor this bill and take a stand to protect America’s vast agricultural lands from the Chinese Communist Party.” 

“The recent increase in purchases of American farmland by individuals associated with the Chinese Communist Party, especially near military bases, represent an alarming threat to our both our food security and national security,” noted Minnesota's Pete Stauber. “I am proud to join Rep. Newhouse on this important legislation to stop those affiliated with Communist China from buying American farmland.” 

“The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has no business purchasing land near military bases or for agricultural purposes – or for any other reason,” said Rep. Bill Johnson. “It is a critical matter of national security that we prevent the CCP from buying large swaths of American land. That is exactly why I cosponsored the Prohibition of Agricultural Land for the People’s Republic of China Act.” 

“Foreign nationals associated with the Chinese Communist Party should not be investing in or purchasing American farmland – period,” said Ohio's Bob Latta. “Allowing one of our greatest adversaries to snatch up farmland is a dangerous trend that not only has national security implications but threatens the security of our food supply and harms American agriculture producers. I’m proud to join Congressman Newhouse in this effort to keep China from purchasing valuable American land, undercutting our farmers, and gaining a foothold from within our own nation.” 

“Increasing ownership of private property by entities with ties to the Chinese Communist Party has rightly given rise to escalating concerns,” said Nebraska's Mike Flood. “Our country’s land is inextricably linked to our national security, food supply, and energy resources. This bill ensures that America is putting the interests of our people first and taking another step to protect our future against the encroachment of the CCP and their allies.”


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