The Walla Walla County and Columbia County Sheriff's Office have issued a missing person bulletin. Columbia County is the very remote county bordering Walla Walla County to the east, and Dayton is its largest city, along with Waitsburg and Pomeroy.

 Man last contacted April 13th

According to the WWCSO, 47-year-old Guadalupe "Andy" Benevides was last contacted on Thursday, April 13th. Deputies did not say if his contact was in person or otherwise, or if it was with family or his employer.

The WWCSO says he drives the red truck pictured in our story, it's a 2015 Ford F-350 with dual rear wheels, a flatbed on the back with black toolboxes, and WA Plates C29124C.

Officials say since that last contact, he has not been heard from by his family, and has not shown up for work. Authorities pinged his cell phone, and the last location appeared to be in western Columbia County, near Waitsburg.

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The WWCSO and Columbia County Sheriff's office says his current location is unknown.  Anyone who may see him in Walla Walla or Columbia County is urged to call  509-527-3265.

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