(Kennewick, WA) -- A 32-year-old suspect is in custody after authorities in Kennewick say he stole a car from someone he knew, was sighted by police outside the Heatherstone Apartment complex and refused to come out of a unit when police ordered him to. This all began Monday morning around 9:50 off 813 West Columbia Drive when Kennewick Police say the suspect stole the car. Around 2:00pm police patrolling in the area of 114 West 10th Ave, where the Heatherstone Apartments are located, saw the suspect, who fled into a unit. Police ordered him out, but he refused. Officers at the scene thought he might be armed and called out SWAT. After about two hours, the suspect was taken into custody. He faces Robbery 1st Degree (Class-A Felony), Theft of Motor Vehicle (Class-B Felony), Unlawful Imprisonment (Class-C Felony), and Resisting Arrest (Gross Misdemeanor).

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