TRI-CITIES, Wash. - RDO Equipment recently donated generous amounts of money to 32 organizations who help with youth mental health.

The recipients include the Youth Suicide Prevention Coalition, who received $10,000 to to purchase and prepare items for Survivor of Suicide Loss Care Kits, and Cork's Place, who received $20,000 for their facility that provides a safe space for grieving children and teenagers.

"Right now we have a smaller facility, which causes us to have a waiting list. Currently, we have just over 50 people on a waiting list, children and teens wanting support. We're not able to do that, because of the space requirements that we have, especially now because of Covid. This particular grant will push us a step forward to expanding our facility," says Brandy Hicks, operation manager for Cork's Place.

Tyler Saunders with RDO Equipment says the money came through the Offutt Family Foundation, who owns RDO. "It's a cause that with the Covid pandemic this last year, we felt like there was a need in the local community to raise awareness, update facilities, and to help cope with everything that's been going on."

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