(Kennewick, WA) -- Fire crews rushed to the scene of an apartment fire at the Heatherstone Apartments off 1114 West 10th Ave in Kennewick, just after 7:40am Thursday. Firefighters arriving found smoke coming from a ground floor apartment, and KFD made the decision to declare the blaze a full commercial building response. They found heavy smoke throughout the apartment. A small fire in the kitchen area was discovered emanating from the apartment. Crews conducted a search of the apartment in and found no people inside. They were notified of the fire by a neighbor in an apartment next door that reported the scene via 911 after noticing a burning odor in the air. Kennewick Fire Department says there is no code
requirement for sprinklers or a monitored fire alarm system in this building, and neither system is in place.
Fire officials are crediting the neighbor for playing a significant role in helping prevent the fire from spreading.

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