Matt Boehnke has served in the State Legislature since 2019 (elected 2018).  The Eastern Washington Grad, by way of Kamiakin High School, has had his share of laws passed by his respective chamber and signed into law by the Governor.  This session was different.

Photo: Senate Republicans
Photo: Senate Republicans

Boehnke (R-8th District) had an unusual amount of success for a Republican lawmaker in his second session in the State Senate.  Of the 28 bills he either introduced or carried over from the 2023 session, six were passed and signed into law.  Three of them were signed last month.

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Enhanced Senate Bill 6296

6296 creates a retail workforce by creating a retail industry workgroup to identify and recommend four colleges to pilot micro-term and short-term credentials for the retail workforce.

Senate Bill 6079

This bill makes juvenile detention records available to managed care organizations and behavioral health administrative services organizations for care coordination activities.


Senate Bill 6080

The third bill passed and signed simplifies the funding provisions of the statewide tourism marketing account by removing the requirement that deposits to the account may only occur if the Legislature authorizes them.

Enhanced Substitute Senate Bill 5891

This is Richard Lenhart's law.  The 72-year-old bus driver's death spurred Sen. Boehnke to put this bill forward to  protect the safety and security of students and maintain order within school buses by designating trespassing on a school bus as a criminal offense.

Engrossed 2nd Substitute Senate Bill 6068

Bill number five expands the ability of courts to work with the DOC to collect and report more data about foster kids’ adoption and reunification rates.

2nd Substitute Senate Bill 5660

The final bill signed by Gov. Inslee that Sen. Boehnke sponsored directs the Washington State Health Care Authority to convene a workgroup to create recommendations for effectively implementing mental health advance directives. These directives declare a person’s preferences regarding behavioral health treatment in the event they are incapacitated due to their behavioral health disorder.

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It's a significant accomplishment when you're in the minority party in the Legislature to get this many bills across the finish line.  Boehnke spread the credit around:

I extend gratitude to everyone involved in this team effort. This is a clear sign of our shared commitment to making a significant difference and improving the lives of our constituents

Sen. Boehnke is the ranking member of the Human Services Committee and also serves on the Business, Financial Services, Gaming & Trade, Environment, Energy & Technology, and Ways & Means Committees.

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