Hilary Franz (Department of Natural Resources)
Hilary Franz (Department of Natural Resources)








Not long after WA State Attorney General Bob Ferguson formally declared he will run for Governor of WA state, now the Commissioner of Public Lands entered the race. Gov Inslee has announced he will not seek another term, so the seat will be wide open.

Hilary Franz announced a bid for Governor

Franz, who has been Public Lands Commissioner since 2017, formally announced her candidacy on Wednesday, May 10th.

Franz, whose background information says she came from a multi-generational farm family, has several college degrees including a law degree.

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Franz, who announced via Twitter, also released a statement that read in part:

  “Washington is facing urgent issues – from a rapidly changing climate, to a housing crisis across the entire state, and soaring income inequality pushing families out of the middle class. There’s no shortage of challenges, but I know we can tackle them together. I’m running for Governor to make bold progress, solve these issues, and do so quickly.”

She first ran for the position after former Commissioner Peter Goldmark retired.

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