WA State Attorney General Bob Ferguson announced this week the state is backing a new website, where citizens can get "pro bono" legal help when it comes to abortion rights.

  Abortion has been legal in WA State since 1970.

Despite the fact that abortion has been legal in our state since 1970, AG Ferguson released this information via the AG's office:

"Washingtonians seeking help through the website will be connected to attorneys in a nationwide pro bono network, including several Washington law firms recruited by the Attorney General’s Office, to provide free legal guidance and resources."

Pro bono refers to legal or very low cost legal services. The AG's office has also produced a Know Your Rights brochure for those considering having an abortion.

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Ferguson released this statement as part of the information about the new website:

“Radical laws in other states are creating chaos for providers, out-of-state patients and individuals assisting their friends and family to access health care. The changing legal landscape is causing providers and others to question whether they face legal jeopardy by helping someone come to Washington for legal abortion care. This resource will help them navigate these important issues and protect their freedoms.

It appears WA state is, in a roundabout way, encouraging citizens from other states where abortion is not legal, to come here for their services to be performed.

The AG information did not contain any details about what, if any, taxpayer expense is utilized for this new brochure or support of these programs.

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