Richland's Semi Bird to run for Governor in 2024 (youtube)
Richland's Semi Bird to run for Governor in 2024 (youtube)

The announcement has been made, now the work begins.

  Richland school board member announces run for Governor

M. Semi Bird announced on the steps of the Capitol in Olympia a few days ago he will seek the Governor's seat in the 2024 election.

Bird, who's garnered a lot of attention (and support) from parents for his stances during COVID on certain policies, made his announcement in Olympia, and has also released a video on YouTube. It details a bit about his background, family, military experience, and his faith. One of his statements was "UNITED WE STAND, TOGETHER WE CAN."

His term on the Richland School Board ends or expires in November of 2023. He was elected in 2019. Board members serve four-year terms in Richland.

Here is his video from YouTube

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