Could Your $2 Dollar Bill in Washington State Be Rare And Worth Thousands?

As a kid, I loved saving $2 dollar bills. I know that most of those bills are worth exactly the face value but a few of them could be worth thousands and you might be sitting on one and didn't even know it.


Hidden Treasures: The Potential Value of $2 Dollar Bills in Washington State

Yes, they still make $2 dollar bills but you definitely don't see them out in the wild that often anymore, if you go to your local bank, they'll be happy to give you a few.

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The good news is that there are some $2 dollar bills that are rare and worth thousands of dollars, you just need to do the work and track them down.


Here are some factors that can influence the value of a $2 bill:

  1. Series Date: Older series of $2 bills, especially those from the 1928 and 1976 series, are often considered more valuable to collectors.
  2. Condition: The overall condition of the bill is crucial. Uncirculated or nearly uncirculated bills with minimal wear and tear are generally more valuable than heavily circulated ones.
  3. Star Notes: Star notes are replacement notes that are printed to replace defective or damaged notes in a series. They have a star after the serial number. Some collectors find star notes more interesting, and they can have a higher value.
  4. Low Serial Numbers: Bills with low serial numbers, especially those with numbers below 100, are sometimes considered more valuable.
  5. Printing Errors: Bills with printing errors or misprints may be more valuable to collectors.

According to, the 5 rarest $2 dollar bills will look this:

Rare 2-Dollar BillHow to Spot It
1928B $2 Red Seal Star NotesLook at the serial number. If it starts with a star and ends with a B, it's rare.
1890 Treasury Note 2-Dollar BillCheck the portrait. This rare bill features General James McPherson.
1862 2-Dollar Legal Tender NoteLook at the portrait. On these early bills, you'll see a profile picture of Alexander Hamilton.
1976 Bureau of Engraving & Printing Doubled Serial Number 2-Dollar BillTake a look at the serial number. If it's doubled, or printed over itself, it could be very rare.
1869 2-Dollar Legal Tender NoteLook at the location of the portrait. An oval with a picture of Thomas Jefferson is located on the left side.

The 1928 bill or the 1976 bill might be the easiest for you to find especially from a grandparent who might've collected $2 dollar bills.

The 1928 bill can be worth as much as $1000 with one of the 1890's notes worth $4500. That's a pretty good return on a $2 dollar bill.

So check your piggy bank if you've collected $2 dollar bills and see if you have one of the rare ones you could find in Washington State --- Happy Hunting!

You can read more about the rarest $2 dollar bills here.

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