New Pasco HS, as yet unnamed, coming in 2025 (PSD)
New Pasco HS, as yet unnamed, coming in 2025 (PSD)

Pasco voters recently approved a bond that will help fund the construction of two new high schools. Now, they need help with their names.

Construction to begin this summer

Earlier this year, Pasco voters approved a bond that will create the two new facilities. High school #3 will accommodate 2,000 students, will be located near Burns and Road 60, and will be slated to open in 2025.

The other school is a career and college academy which will accommodate up to 600 students. It will be located on Salt Lake Street near the Curie STEM Elementary School. Its construction is slated for 2024, with a fall 2025 opening.

Pasco schools are encouraging citizens to come up with a name for each. Some of the criteria you do need to follow include:

  • "Local Significance: Names should be familiar and hold significance within our district.
  • No Conflicting Names: Proposed names should avoid duplication with other schools within our district or neighboring districts.
  • Living Persons: Unless exceptional circumstances apply, names of living individuals should be avoided.
  • Committee Vetting: Each name suggestion will undergo thorough evaluation by the committee before submission to the Board.
  • Potential Additional Guidelines: The Board of Directors may provide specific supplementary guidelines for the committee to consider."

To submit a proposed name for high school #3, click here,  to submit a proposed name for the college and career academy, click here. 

NOTE---these links will be active until August 21st. 2023. 

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