Idaho state capitol Boise (Getty)
Idaho state capitol Boise (Getty)

The law has become known as the Idaho abortion 'trafficking' ban, but now it is temporarily on hold.  U.S. District Magistrate Debora K. Grasham has set aside the law until the adjudication of a lawsuit challenging the Constitutionality of the Idaho ban.

Federal judge places assistance ban on hold

Idaho legislators passed a law earlier this year prohibiting any adult from helping a minor get an abortion out of state without first notifying or getting permission from the minor's parents.  Abortions are illegal in Idaho.

Several activist groups had filed the lawsuit in Nampa, Idaho, claiming the law is vague and violates First Amendment free speech and 4th Amendment free travel portions of the constitution.

According to MyNorthwest,com:

"Supporters of the law call it an “abortion trafficking” ban. Opponents say it is an unconstitutional prohibition on interstate travel and free speech rights."

The Indigenous Idaho Alliance and Northwest Abortion Access Fund are two abortion advocate groups that work with minors in that state, and others, to help them obtain abortions if they wish. They are part of the lawsuit and have said they wish to continue working with minors.

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No timetable has been set for when the lawsuit will be decided.

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