Peek Inside A Washington State One Of A Kind Lunar Landing Module Home

One of Washington State's truly unique homes is about an hour and a half away from the Tri-Cities.

youtube/Architectural Digest
youtube/Architectural Digest

Where Can I Find The Lunar Landing Module Home In Washington State?

Nestled on the bank of the Columbia River in Beverly Washington sits a unique Lunar Landing module that's been converted into a home.

Owner Kurt Hughes designed the Lunar Landing dwelling to replicate the Apollo landers that traveled to the moon. In a sense, it's a tiny home and Hughes says the house is a proof of concept demonstration.

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Some highlight of the home is the Captain Nemo window which has a spectacular view of the Columbia River and fingerprint access to the front door. The shower head changes color with the water temperature. There are a lot of neat fixtures in the lander.

Peek inside this amazing home in Washington State:

WOW! Lunar Landing Module Made Into Amazing Washington State Home

Peek inside this lunar landing module that has been converted into an unbelievable house.

Hughes built a deck onto the lander to enjoy those Columbia River sunsets. There are some amazing features like glowing rocks at night and light-up steps that really make this home sparkle.

Hughes also has QR codes on the side of the home for visitors to use to tell the story of this very unique house.

The house is so cool that Architectural Digest did a neat video on the property and you can check that out below.

Hughes hopes that more people take an interest in the project and you can learn more about this neat house here.

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