Every morning before I go to work, I scan the Internet for the latest in news on electric vehicles and energy. Lo and behold, I found this story this morning at 4:00 AM. Sound Transit in Seattle has purchased 48 electric buses, 33 of them are double decker buses.  

according to prnewswire.com, 
“Sound Transit has ordered 33 zero-emission Alexander Dennis Enviro500EV double-decker electric buses and 15 60' articulated electric buses powered by 13 300-kW in-ground inductive chargers. This roll-out will make Sound Transit the 7th transit agency in Washington State to deploy InductEV's patented wireless charging technology.” 

The buses will be manufactured by Alexander Dennis. with technology from inductEV for wireless charging.  


The concept of wireless or induction charging has been around for a long time. It's been available in the private sector for many years but it's a little pricey. Also, inductive charging is not as energy efficient as just plugging a big fat cable into the side of your car. (or bus)  

In a nutshell, your vehicle has an induction plate underneath the vehicle connected to your charging system in the car. There's another induction plate on the floor in your garage that you park your vehicle over. Your induction plate that's on the floor of your garage creates a magnetic field that the plate attached to the floor under your car will then convert into electricity and charge your vehicle.  

According to PRNewswire.com,
“InductEV's technology avoids wired, depot-oriented charging methods that consume considerable real estate and electric utility assets while allowing smooth, high-powered wireless charging interoperability for both double-decker and 60' articulated electric buses on BRT high-end commuter routes.” InductEV's wireless charging technology debuted in the state in 2017 with Lnk iTransit in Wenatchee, WA.” 


I think this is a great idea and wireless charging will also make it much easier to keep the fleet running. Plus, it might be fun to ride a double Decker bus, I've never done it before. 

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Sound Transit to Go Wireless in Seattle with 48 Electric Buses, Including 33 Double-Deckers (prnewswire.com) 


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