Ok, so you heard,

Washington State has some pretty epic hiking trails.

Check out some of the extreme hikes here.


Do you have the right gear for your hiking trip?

It does not matter if you are going on a "couple hour" hike or a week adventure, please be more than prepared. Food, water, and of course...

The Right Shoes

There are so many shoes to choose from when it comes to the "right shoes" for your feet and hiking needs. Choosing the wrong fit/pair could be critical for your body and longevity of your joints.

The Wrong Shoes for Washington State Hiking

Please, if you do attempt a hike in WA State, make sure you are wearing the right shoes. You do not want to end up in pain from wearing the wrong ones. And if you wear any of the shoes below for your hike, don't say I didn't warn you.

Gallery Credit: Aly

I know it seems funny to mention some of the shoe choices above, but I have literally seen them on trails.

Do you want to explore some of the popular hiking trails in Washington State?

10 Best Most Popular Hikes in Washington State

Come take a hike with us to view the 10 most popular hikes people love in Washington state.

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If and when you do decide to go hiking, and you have the right shoes... Make sure you have the right pass as well!

Washington State Passes Needed for Recreational Adventures

From the Federal permits needed to the state passes, we have the master list of all the passes you'll need for recreational adventure in Washington State.

Gallery Credit: Aly


Ok, so here's my Washington State hiking story.

I don't like it.

I don't, I simply don't find the joy BUT, I know so many people who do, and I just wanted to make sure people had the tools to make their hiking experience the best!

Hiking in Washington State is an experience of a lifetime, you just want to be super prepared.

Here in Wenatchee, we are surrounded by mountains and tailheads. You could find a different hike a day if you wanted to. But please, like I have mentioned many times over.

Please be Prepared while Hiking anywhere, not just Washington State.

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