Well, the heat is certainly on across the inland northwest.

Sweltering temperatures are expected again, come this weekend, and it should be the modus operandi until the end of September. Though, just because the heat is near inescapable does not mean that you have to suffer needlessly.

"Electrolytes...It's what plants crave"

We all know that the food menu is often the centerpiece of summer celebrations, and certain element of said menu can really help you with the heat. The above category/quote is from a movie call "Idiocracy," but they are important.

I find it quite interesting that many of the fruits that grow in hot weather are all very high in potassium, an electrolyte that helps us keep water in our bodies. Fruits like cherries, apricots and berries are all examples of fruit available right now that can really help in the heat.

"The heat is on"

It may seem counterintuitive, but hot, spicy foods are also a plus. Those spicy little bad boys will help you sweat a little bit and sweating actually helps you to stay cool.  So enjoy some salsas with cayenne pepper, or even chow down on a nice red curry. The wisdom of people who live in those hot climates can go a long way in keeping you going in the extreme heat.

"Menthol... Not Just for Grandma's Smokes"

Another nice hot weather food, or maybe accoutrements, is mint. Mint has menthol in it, which is a volatile oil that when it evaporates it actually helps with a cooling effect. So mint can actually help you stay cool... especially in a julep.

"H2O Melon"

Watermelon is a great food for the summer and really, it's great anytime. The thick rind helps keep the water in, making watermelon around 90% water. Watermelon also has a bunch of antioxidants in it, like lycopene, giving it its signature red flesh. Lycopene helps protect our heart and our blood vessels. Watermelon is also rich in a type of fiber called Prebiotic which helps to nourish the microbiome, or the bacteria in our gut, that keeps us healthy.

Other fruits and vegetables that have sturdy rinds, including cucumbers, promote hydration, as well as foods high in electrolytes such as yogurt and in-season tropical fruits.

"Yogurt! I Hate Yogurt!"

Yogurt is also a great hot weather food, as it contains lager amounts of potassium. Many like to mix it with fruit to add even more potassium, or even make it into a smoothie with some of the foods mentioned above.

It would be like a magic, hot weather elixir.

Stay cool and have fun.

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