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To some, he's known for his Congressional career in WA state, to others more so as the law enforcement officer credited with catching the Green River Killer.

Dave Reichert files for Governor's race

Former King County Sheriff and Congressman (2005-2019) has filed with the WA State Public Disclosure Commission, making his entry into the 2024 WA State Governor's race official.

No statement has been released yet indicating so, but the news of the filing came out just prior to the weekend.

Reichert spent the better part of 20 years pursuing Gary Ridgeway, who was arrested after being linked to multiple murders by DNA in 2001. He would later publish a best-selling book called Chasing The Devil, about his search for the man who was eventually convicted of 49 murders along the Green River suburban area near Auburn WA over a two-decade period.

Reichert is the first well-known Republican candidate to file with the commission, there are three Democrats who have entered. Senator Mark Mullet, WA State AG Bob Ferguson, and WA State Commissioner of Public Lands Hillary Franz. Richland School Board member Semi Bird has also officially filed to run for the position.

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