(Finley, WA) -- Crews from Benton County Fire District #1 were called to a garage/warehouse fire Wednesday morning in Finley. The fire broke out around 5pm off the 20000 Block of East Bowles Road, which is close to Oak Street. When fire crews got to the scene, they found a roughly 30x70 garage/warehouse engulfed in flames in the backyard of a home. Authorities say the fire in the garage was threatening the home.

The snowy conditions that were felt across the Tri-Cities Wednesday morning made getting to the blaze difficult, as many of the area roadways were said to be slick. Adding to the challenge was the lack of fire hydrants in the area. This meant all the water used on the fire had to be trucked in on three water tenders, in addition to the water already on board the fire trucks that responded to the blaze. No one was injured and no cause was determined.

Kennewick Fire, Pasco Fire, Richland Fire, Walla Walla County Fire Dist. #5, and Benton County Fire Dist. #4 all responded to the fire.

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