(Pasco, WA) -- Pasco Fire Department says a fire that burned at a trailer home near the intersection of 4th Ave North and the I-182/US 12 Freeway Bypass Thursday afternoon, destroyed the home, and sent a family of three into the cold.

Firefighters were called to the Green Tree RV Park and Mini Storage at 2103 N. 5th Ave. Pasco Fire Department's Ben Shearer confirmed to Newsradio 610 KONA that the blaze destroyed the home and forced two adults and one child to evacuate.No one was hurt in the fire, the cause of which is still under investigation. The fire allegedly began in the living room area and burned through trailer in a short amount of time. The Red Cross is now helping the family, who while uninjured, lost a pet cat to the fire. No firefighters were hurt battling the blaze.

The fire sent a plume of smoke high into the air, that could easily be seen from the freeway and other points in Pasco.

Shearer told Newsradio fires like the ones in mobile homes are especially dangerous, simply because the blaze moves faster than it would in an otherwise standard building. He adds trailer homes were never meant to be lived in for an extended period of time. That's something which adds to the fire danger. Shearer says there's an increasing number of people who make their homes inside these kinds of trailers. If you are one of them, it's important to make an escape plan that every occupant in the home knows about.

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