Benton County Sheriff Tom Croskrey released a statement to the media and on the BCSO Facebook page yesterday, joining a number of other elected Sheriffs around the state in opposing the new slate of gun laws being proposed this session.

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Sheriff Croskey stated in his position that "It is my duty and responsibility to protect Benton County, Washington from over-reaching gun laws and regulations that are incongruent with the Constitution of the UnitedStates."

The Sheriff added "If any law is passed that attempts to reduce our right to bear arms I, as the elected Sheriff have a duty to protect the citizens right to bear arms and not enforce said laws."

Croskrey Swearing-In 1

In his statement, Sheriff Croskrey mentioned (and shared) the letter penned by Kittitas County Sheriff, and President of the Washington State Sheriff's Association, Clay Myers.  Sheriff Myers not only addressed the latest gun control measures, but also addressed the rise in violent crime he believes has resulted from previous laws passed in the Sate legislature.

Kittitas County Sheriff Clay Myers
Kittitas County Sheriff Clay Myers

Sheriff Croskrey  then spoke to the much of the sentiment in his jurisdiction.  "We the people of Benton County will not tolerate attempts to restrict our freedom to bear arms."  Franklin County Sheriff Jim Raymond has also made his opposition to the new attempts public.  There are a number of bills being proposed this session regarding firearms, you can view each bill here.

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