Scammers don’t miss an opportunity to try and take advantage of you, and some are even using the upcoming election to get people’s personal information.


“We know that emotions are high and it can be very polarizing," said Rebecca Barr, with the Better Business Bureau.  "And so, we are expecting to see a spike in these types of phishing messages coming out. I know I’ve gotten a bunch of them on my phone.”


Barr added those messages come as a text asking for a campaign donation or requesting you check your voter registration.  And she noted, the criminals have gotten really good at sounding legitimate.


“Coming in as a text message asking for me to either donate or check my registration status. So, if you do receive one of these, make sure it is legitimate. Or, better yet, don’t even click on the link; go directly to the website itself.”


Barr said the best way to keep your personal information safe is to avoid clicking links in unsolicited texts, and if you have a question, visit the organization’s legitimate website; watch for the https in the address bar.  She also expects to see a spike in voter-related phishing scams because of the high emotions surrounding the November 8th election.


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