Authorities in Klickitat County the hunt for a killer from Oregon accused in the fatal shootings of two Yakima residents last month is over. 29-year-old John Raczykowski is behind bars after being arrested in Oregon. He was arrested on a warrant that charges him with two counts of first-degree-murder in the fatal shooting of 34-year-old Elisha Ann King and 35-year-old Jeremy Allen Wyatt. He's expected to soon be transferred back to the area to face charges in Yakima County Superior Court.


Both bodies were found burned last month along Pumphouse Road near Toppenish. An autopsy showed both had been shot before the bodies were burned. The Klickitat County Sheriff's Office is investigating after the scene was first taken over by the FBI. However it was turned over to the county sheriff's office after it was discovered the two victims were not a member of the Yakama tribe.


Officials say the shooting actually happened in Goldendale near Box Canyon Road. There's no word on the motive of the killings but they say drugs may have played a factor.
One other person has been arrested on charges of first-degree rendering criminal assistance and destroying physical evidence in connection with the burning of the bodies. Legal proceedings are underway to have the suspect transferred back to Washington State. The investigation continues Today.

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