(Sunnyside, WA) -- The Yakima County Sheriff's office say the are working to identify a suspect or suspects in connection with a deadly shooting in Sunnyside Wednesday. This happened off the 900 Block of South Lester Road. That's just south of Van Belle. It was originally a call for a house fire, and now the reason for that appears to be the suspects tried setting the house the shootout happened at on fire fire. When that didn't work, the suspects then opened fire on the home, killing 60-year-old Jose Martiniano Rodriguez from Outlook. Rodriguez's son was hurt in the attack.

It Was The Second Shootout the Son Had Been Targeted In Within 24 Hours

YCSO says just the day before, the injured male was the victim of a drive-by shooting on the I-82 Freeway near Buena. He was injured by the shootout as well. Right now, it's not clear whether those two incidents are related.

Detectives are trying to identify the suspect(s) responsible for the shooting at the home and the killing of Jose. If you has any information regarding this homicide please call Detective Jesus Arreguin at (509) 574-2565 or provide CrimeStoppers tips

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